TOOLS – The Gerber Gator 18″ Machete

My property is just about 17 acres of mostly wooded land. I purchased it to create a private playground for my family, so I spend a lot of my time cutting trails for walking, biking, and making fairways for my disc golf course. No tool has been used more on my property than my Gerber Gator, 18″ machete.81rlC8+-VQL._SL1500_

With a blade made out of high carbon steel, I have chopped down everything from thorned vines to full trees more than 3″ in diameter. With almost daily use for over a year, this beast has stayed sharp and able to cut with ease. The rubber grip has remained tightly secured to the blade, and even with hours upon hours of use, there hasn’t been any need to tighten it.

Currently, I have found little use for the saw side of the machete, because the blade side works so well. I would recommend purchasing a better sheath if you intend to sheath this animal to wear on your belt or pack, but I did not buy it for the sheath, and there are many stronger aftermarket ones available on Amazon.

For the price, nothing matches the Gerber Gator. Even if you find some way to destroy it, $15 to replace it is nothing compared to the use you will be getting out of it. If you are in the woods a lot, this is the machete for you.


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